Where It all Began:

The relationship with Dr Bill Sutton Course Director of the Vinik Sport & Entertainment Management programme, delivering MBA & MSc qualifications to aspirant elite students in the USA, is an outstanding success story. The origins of this association, for myself Alan Seymour, began over 5 years ago when, as Course Leader on the  inaugural Sports Marketing undergraduate degree programme at the University of Northampton, I invited Dr Sutton to deliver a keynote address to my first Sports Business Conference.

The ‘rest is history’ as many previous commentators of memorable  effective storylines often cite.

The flourishing marketplace of Sports Business Education testifies to the importance of such a relationship and has prospered significantly. Now, with the trend to a more global culture for new educational and business partnerships in Conferences and new course delivery for Students, this means that such a relationship offers real continued development.

The partnership can only continue to grow and prosper to the benefit of the whole sports business and education communities.

Alan Seymour

Conference Director Future of Sport

Our Journey